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We're Family. We Need You. I Need You.

There’s a difference between Castiel and Cas.

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Love, Live, Love, Die. It’s a circle, Cas.

This was originally done for my composition class, but here you go.

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#you know what? #fuck the spoilers #fuck the writers #fuck what happens to you in season seven #you were beautiful #I have never felt as strongly connected with a character as I feel with you #all of this bullshit? #what they’re doing to you? #it changes nothing #you will always be remembered for what you were #the angel who could and did and fucking restored the crap out of a dwindling show #fuck them#you’re absolutely iconic #you’re more than a mere disposable character on a show not that many people watch #you transcend those boundaries #people will remember you #the flawlessness of your character is truly the stuff of legends #and no matter what happens#we will always love you #you brave loyal brilliant person #you’re better than your fate#you’re better than all of this shit #you’re perfect #ladies and gentlemen; #castiel#angel of the lord

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I’ll be by your side wherever you fall

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Steve Rogers taking the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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 (via apriki)

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supernatural meme
↳ Five BROTPs  (4/5)  

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R E B E L ;
(n.) a person who resists any authority, control, or tradition.
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